Eco Friendly


The Canadian Carwash Association reports that a typical, personal driveway car wash will use up to 450L of water. A professional style carwash aims to use just 150L of water. However, with our Twist Eco Car wash solution we use just 4L of water to wash your car, with virtually no waste water to contaminate the ground source or local lakes and rivers!


With the Twist Eco Car wash system, your vehicle can be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized with no chemicals at all. The thermal shock (over 350 degrees!) kills ticks, fleas, bacteria, fungi, and mites that cause allergies and may be chemical resistant. The steam can access all surfaces and crevices, unlike other cleaning methods. With almost instantaneous drying, sanitation conditions are greatly advanced over traditional cleaning methods.

If you would like to have a completely chemical free detail, please advise us when booking your appointment.

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